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Fish River Hiking Trail

Hiking in the world’s second largest Canyon

During the months of April to September the Fish River Lodge offers 2-5 day guided hikes in the Fish River. In the world’s second largest canyon the hiker awaits grand landscapes, breath-taking vistas, unforgettable sundowners, intensive game and bird viewing, fascinating insights into the geology of Namibia and much more.


Hiking Trail
Fish River Canyon
  • 2 Day hiking trail
  • 3 Day hiking trail
  • 5 Day hiking trail

Guided extravagant Fish River hikes

The hikes of the Fish River Lodge of several day’s duration in a rugged terrain far off of any possibilities of supply exceed the expectations of all participants. The sophisticated service package of the Fish River hike includes all drinks, meals, transport and activities as well as the set-up of the overnight camps. The number of participants is limited to 2-10 persons. Accommodation is in tents fully furnished with bucket showers, stretchers and duvets. The participants only have to carry a small day bag with sun protection, camera and binoculars. The rest of the luggage is transported by the lodge team to the respective camps.

Further information for participants

  • Participation is only allowed for persons 16 years and older
  • A good health and sufficient level of fittness is required. The hiker needs good, closed shoes preferably ones which habe been walked in already.
  • The hiking tours start and end at the lodge.
  • As the temperatures fluctuate greatly warm clothes for cool nights should be packed.
  • Don’t forget your swimming costume!
  • The Lodge provides lunch packs and water.


Pictures © Fish River Lodge

Hiking packages offered by the Fish River Lodge

2 Day

Two-day hiking package

1. Night

  • Arrival and sleep over at the lodge.

1. Day & 2. Night

  • The hike starts around 8 am with your guide. We will hike approx. 14 km.
  • It takes about 30 min for the steep descent to the first level of the canyon.
  • The crossing of a breathtakingly beautiful gorge is followed by another half hour descent into the canyon. Here we have the possibility to take a dip into the natural rock pools.
  • The lodge team will in the meantime set up the camp.
  • Arrival at the camp at about 3 pm, depending of the fitness of the group.
  • The chef will prepare a delicious dinner, which will be enjoyed at the camp fire.

2. Day

  • We enjoy a hearty breakfast prepared by our chef.
  • We start our return walk to the lodge at about 7:30 am. Alternatively you can also drive back at 9 am with the lodge team.
  • Arrival at the lodge at around noon just in time for lunch.


01.04.17 - 30.09.1701.04.18 - 30.09.18
2 DaysN$ 6050
3 DaysN$ 8250
5 DaysN$ 15400
The Rates are per person

Please note

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism also allows a 90 km hike through the canyon during this time of the year. These hikes take place without a guide and only under the following conditions:

  • The hiker has to present a medical certificate
  • The Fish River has to have a certain amount of water
  • A minimum of 3 participants is compulsory
  • A maximum of 30 hikers are allowed to descent into the canyon each day
  • All equipment and food has to be carried by the hiker and everyone has to provide for him-/herself. There are no facilities in the canyon.

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