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Highlights in the Caprivi

This page provides an overview of activities, highlights and sights of the Caprivi region: Wild National Parks, an abundance of wild life, the yearlong lush and green landscape which is unique for Namibia, the impressive culture of the “Caprivians” and much more.


Kwando Core Area / Kwando Game Park

The Kwando Game Park (Kwando Core Area) is situated at the western bank of the Kwando river in the Caprivi strip in North-Eastern Namibia. The park is part of the Bwabwata National Park and has a size of 1280 km². The park is suitable for 4x4 cars only and there are a lot of passages which are very sand.

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Mafwe Lebendes Museum

Mafwe Living Museum

The Living Museum is an authentic open-air museum where guests can learn a lot about the traditional culture and the original way of living of the Mafwe. The Mafwe demonstrate and describe their traditions with great dedication and a guide translates into english.

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Mamili Nationalpark

Mamili National Park (Nkasa Lupala)

With an area of 320 km² the Mamili National Park (which was renamed to Nkasa Lupala National Park)  is one of the smaller game parks in Namibia. It is situated in the most southern parts of the Caprivi Strip, just below the Mudumu National Park and can be reached from Kongola or Katima Mulilo via the C49.

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Mashi River Safaris

Mashi River Safaris

Elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, antelopes and countless bird species – and the river in the midst of it all. The people at the water’s edge, the sounds and smells of the Caprivi. This very special world can be experienced in a unique way with Mashi River Safaris.

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Mudumu Nationalpark

Mudumu National Park

The Mudumu National Park is situated in the Caprivi Strip in the north of Namibia and is bordered by the Kwando River in the west. It covers an area of approximately 1000 km² and has a, for Namibia, unusual landscape: rivers, reed islands and flat areas without any natural elevation.

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