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Centre for arts and crafts

Omaruru is situated in the centre of the Erongo area in Namibia and has about 15,000 inhabitants. The town lies next to the Omaruru River 50 kilometres north of Karibib along the C33. Although the river is dry most of the times the town is relatively green, due to large ground water reserves and the fertile soil of the surrounding area.


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Omaruru’s history is also closely linked to the history of the Herero and the Rhenish Mission. The Rhenish Mission erected some buildings in 1872. Here missionary Gottlieb Viehe translated the bible into the Herero language, which lead to the Christianisation of many Herero.

The big Herero uprising in 1904 also affected Omaruru. However, after only a week the rebellion was put down and the German soldiers were freed. In 1908 a surveillance tower was erected, which was named after Captain Viktor Franke, who commanded the liberating troop.

When entering Omaruru a tall wooden giraffe can be noticed, which forms part of the Tikoloshe carvings. Here beautiful carvings are made out of the root wood of the Mopane tree.

Worth mentioning is also the artistic centre, Sand Dragon, with its beautiful craft and jewellery collection (and internet Café), the already mention Franke tower, as well as the “Kristall Kellerei”, Namibia’s first vineyard, situated about four kilometres northeast on the D 2328. Wine tastings offer mainly the homemade Ruby Cabernet and Colombard.

Also just outside of Omaruru the Benedictine monastery “Waldfrieden” (forest peace) can be found.

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