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Khwe Living Museum

The Khwe Living Museum offers an interesting and authentic insight into the hunter-gatherer culture of the San. Visitors experience traditional dances, gain insight into the ancestral world of the Khwe and discover the historical life of the ethnic group from north-eastern Namibia.

The Museum is located 10 km east of Divundu very close to the Buffalo Core area. 


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Culture & Living Museums
10 km east of Divundu
Several cultural tours

The traditional culture of the Khwe

Most of the programs offered are interactive, for example, guests can try their hand at forging an arrow or making a bracelet out of papyrus. Another program is a short hike where it's not uncommon to see antelope and other wildlife, as the Living Museum is close to the Buffalo Core Area. Here the Khwe demonstrate their excellent tracking skills and also provide insight into their trapping techniques.

As an independently managed project, all income remains in the community. With the Living Museum, the Khwe managed on the one hand to preserve their culture and on the other hand to generate a regular income.


Singing, dancing and games

Guests will get a detailed overview of the traditional Khwe hunter-gatherer culture and experience daily life in the traditional village, including handicrafts such as making clothes, mats, jewelry and baskets, traditional fire lighting, etc. At the end, guests can enjoy some listen to the songs of the Khwe and watch the traditional doctor heal a patient.

Bush walk

After the Khwe ask for luck at the shrine, visitors follow the hunter and his companions on a bush walk of trap setting, tracking and forage gathering. The village blacksmith is also visited and one learns how arrows and spears are made.

Modern village

As well as a visit to the traditional Living Museum, guests are welcome to visit the modern Khwe village.

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