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Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Wildlife reserve and sanctuary for wild animals in the Omaheke

Orphanage for animals – home for wild animals – rearing station for injured and problem animals – all these attributes concern the Harnas Wildlife Foundation. Harnas was founded by a private initiative more than thirty years ago and is a sustainalble nature reserve where certain animal species can be reintroduced to the wild.


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Private conservation area
Several Campsites
Omaheke region
Game drives
Porject visits
Average: 450 mm / year. Main rainy season January - March
Best travel time: All year
Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Baboon, Ostrich and many more

Harnas Wildlife Foundation it is also a rehabilitation centre that releases animals in different areas in Namibia in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Furthermore Harnas employs as many workers as possible form the close vicinity in order to raise the socio-economic profile of the community.

In order to achieve these goals Harnas hosts several projects:

  • Harnas Lifeline Project
  • Harnas Wild Dog Project
  • Harnas Voluntary Project
  • Cheeky Cheetah Project
  • San Development Aid

Lifeline Project

The Lifeline Project concentrates on the reintroduction of animals, which are able to be reintroduced, into the wild. The animals have an area of 8000 ha in which they learn the skills that are essential for the survival in the wild. For the establishment of the Lifeline area old farm fences have been removed and a new double fence of 40 km length surrounding the area was built. Without human influence the instincts and skills of the animals are developed naturally. Harnas is home to about 25 animal species.

Wild Dog Project

The main aim of the Harnas Wild Dog Project is the preservation of the African Wild Dog population. They are one of the most threatened species in Africa. Formerly found in 39 countries the Wild Dog is presently only occurring in fourteen countries. Harnas is home to nearly thirty dogs. The reintroduction into the wild is not the main aim here as numbers are too small and only make sense in relatively small and fenced reserves. Thus the Wild Dogs have been reintroduced to the wild in the 8000 ha protected area on Harnas. Only with the support of the farmers can these animals be reintroduced into the wild throughout Namibia and the whole of southern Africa.

Harnas Voluntary Project

Harnas offers interested animal friends the possibility to work as voluntaries for the different projects. The time frame is between 14 days and maximum three months. The participation incurs a fee. A visa is compulsive.

Cheeky Cheetah Project

The Cheeky Cheetah Project deals with the active support of the San. Through the extension on farm land they have lost their natural living environment. As the San live on hunting and gathering of fruit and roots they live a nomadic life. At Harnas a group of San has found work and their kids are prepared for school at the Cheeky Cheetah day centre. There they also learn Afrikaans in order to manage at school later.

San Development Aid

The San development aid should help them to cope better after being socially excluded until today. Firstly their long standing manual tradition to produce jewellery from ostrich eggshells is supported, which is then sold at Harnas and of which all sales revenue is returned to the San. Secondly they receive an education in different technical professions to assist them to for example find work on surrounding farms.

Due to its animal protection, nature conservation and social projects Harnas has become well known throughout Namibia.


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