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Ju/'Hoansi Living Museum

The Living Museum of the Ju/Hoansi is situated in the small village Grashoek, about halfway between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe, north of the the C44. The Living Museum is the first Living Museum of Namibia. It is a highlight in tourism in Namibia as well as a good example for a sustainable development of the Bushmen community.


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Culture & Living Museums
Halfway between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe,
Several cultural tours

Traditional San Culture

The Living Museum is an authentic open-air museum where guests can learn a lot about the traditional culture and the original way of living of the Ju/Hoansi-San (Bushmen). The Living Museum works as a traditional school for the Bushmen and a communal business for everyone in the whole village. Almost as successful as the Museum itself is the nearby craftshop where visitors can buy ostrich jewellery and other traditional souvenirs at reasonable prices.

Spend the night under Mangetti trees

You can spend the night at the basic Bushcamp close to the Living Museum. There is no water and no electricity just the atmosphere of the African bush in the Kalahari Desert.


1. Short


Hunting, tracking, collecting bush food, starting a fire the Ju/Hoansi-way, preparing snares and ropes

Singing and dancing ...

... around a fire.

Crafts in the village

The main focus is on starting a fire, preparing snares and ropes, making crafts and Ju/Hoansi jewelry, making bows, arrows and quivers, cooking and tasting the traditional bush food

The „modern“ Grashoek

Experience the village where the Ju/Hoansi live today.

2. Full Day

Action Day

It includes everything as in programme 3 as well as the bush walk, singing, dancing, wedding ceremony, playing games, shoot a bow, throw a spear and watch the traditional doctor healing a patient. We also teach you to make your own bow and arrow as well as ostrich egg pearls and your own jewellery the old way.

Walking in the Wild

Lets go on an old traditional hunting and gathering trip for as long as you wish. We will provide you with bow, arrows, digging stick and collecting skin (which you may buy if you want) and see what nature offers us. Take or leave your sleeping bag, but don’t forget to take along at least 5 L of water and a hat!

3. 3-Day

3 Day Exclusive Ju/’Hoansi Experience

Day 1: Get to know your host family and make you own San equipment: You should start very early in the morning. A small San family including a hunter, his wife and their children will take care of you. Together you will produce some jewellery, ropes, you own bow and arrow. Included in the day is also blacksmithing an arrow head – if there is enough time. A lot of work! You can of course take your equipment home with you.

Day 2: A day in the bush: All your equipment will now be used during your day in the bush with your San family. Get to know the incredible knowledge of your San family when it comes to bush food and medicine. Eat what you find! Set up traps and practice shooting with your bow. Collect grass and wood for your own hut in the bush. If you want you can spend the night here. Take or leave your sleeping bag, but don’t forget to take along at least 5 L of water and a hat!

Day 3: Singing and dancing: Today your San family will introduce you into a bigger group and will give you insights into the traditional beliefs of the Ju/’Hoansi. You can take part into a healing ceremony and enjoy singing and dancing around a fire as well as some traditional games. At the end of the day you will visit your host family in the modern village and get to know how they live today.

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