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Little Hunter's Museum

The Living Hunters Museum of the Ju/Hoansi is situated about 23 km north of Tsumkwe, the capital of the Bushmen. It should only be accessed with 4x4 vehicles as the road which leads to the Living Museum is sandy.

The Living Hunters Museum is initiated by a group of Ju/ Hoansi from Grashoeks Living Museum (the first Living Museum in Namibia) and the Living Culture Foundation Namibia and it is independently managed by the Bushmen.


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Culture & Living Museums
20 km north of Tsumkwe
Several cultural tours

Experience authentic Bushmen culture

The Ju/ Hoansi-San of the village //Xa/oba (between Tsumkwe and the Khaudom National Park) run this Living Museum independently by their own and show visitors their old historic, traditional culture including real hunting (the only area where Bushmen are still allowed to hunt!), the use of various bush food, tracking, snaring and other hunting methods, making crafts, singing, healing dances and much more. A local English speaking Ju/ Hoansi guide will accompany you through all activities. The dress worn is reconstructed historically correct and all activities shown are original of their old culture.

The Elephant Song Campsite

A bush campite, the Elephant Song Campsite campsite, is provided close to the Living Museum. There are toilets or bucket shower facilities bute no electricity, but there is lots of space and many shady trees in the middle of the African Bush very close to the Khaudom National Park.


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