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Living Desert

Living Desert Adventures

Impressive desert tour with Chris Nel

To the untrained eye the dunes of the Namib Desert between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund appear impressive but somewhat lifeless. One will be surprised though how diverse and rich in species this eco-system actually is, given the chance to view the desert through the eyes of a real Namibia expert: Chris Nel, energetic environmentalist and nature conservationist with a modest aversion to quad bikes, invites you to an interesting and surprising tour into the Namib.


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Desert tour
Dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
  • Guided desert tour in the Swakop Riverbed
  • Little 5
  • Flora and Fauna explanation
  • Dune driving

Desert cereal and fog milk – the living desert

With charisma and lots of humour Chris Nel explains the flora and fauna of the desert world around Swakopmund. Starting with a short excursion to the mouth of the Swakop River, the tour continues on a small path into the 2010 proclaimed Dorob National Park. Here he excitingly explains how this worldwide unique desert system is functioning and after a few minutes nobody wonders about desert cereal and fog milk anymore.

Most impressive is Chris’s feeling for the desert creatures. Where we only see sand Chris discovers dazzling creatures like the Dancing White Lady, different Tok Tokkies, the Desert Chameleon, the sand-diving Gecko, the Sidewinder, desert scorpions and many more. All are adapted to this eco-system in unbelievable ways and manners and are able to survive thanks to desert cereal and fog milk.

Chris Nel, who has been actively engaged in the protection of the Namib Desert for years, is able to depict this complicated system with such didactic finesse that kids will also be fascinated of his desert tour. It is real joy to follow him dashing through the sand, to have him explain the different colours of the sand and finally to share his enthusiasm on the way home whilst driving over the dunes back to Swakopmund. This experience will be remembered for a long time as well as desert cereal and fog milk. Its just one of the best activities in Swakopmund.

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01.11.23 - 31.10.2401.11.24 - 31.10.25
Per person (half day trip incl soft drinks)N$ 850N$ 900
Children under 12 yearsN$ 450N$ 450
The rates are per person (min. 2 persons)

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