Bogenfels and Pomona tour


A safari into the Restricted Diamond Area

The Sperrgebiet (also known as the Restricted Diamond Area) is and will always be a mystic place that is hard – and without a permit not at all – accessible. Coastways Tours from Lüderitz own a concession and the relevant vehicles allowing them to offer an interesting and unique day tour into the Sperrgebiet.

The highlights of this tour are visits to the diamond ghost town Pomona and the prominent rock arch called Bogenfels.

We are picked up at 08h30 by Erik, one of the four guides of Coastways Tours, at our accommodation in Lüderitz. The well-equipped 4x4 takes us into the desert. Our first stop is Kolmanskop, the famous diamond ghost town east of Lüderitz. Here the day permits are received. Here we also meet another vehicle of Coastways Tours with guide Ramon. We continue through the Rotkop Gat 20 km east Lüderitz into the Sperrgebiet. It is still prohibited to enter the area without special permits and we are advised that it is strictly forbidden to pick up anything and put it into one’s pocket.

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