Naukluft Mountains - A mountain range full of surprises


Both its formation and its mysterious 80 km shift south, as well as its historic value as habitat for the San thousands of years ago and as refuge and hiding place during the war of the 19th and 20th century render the Naukluft Mountains one of the most interesting places in Namibia. 

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Restricted Diamond Area Tour


3-day 4x4 excursion through the dune landscape of the Namib: This unique safari offers spectacular insights into the wonder-world of the Namib Desert, comprehensive information on the historic diamond excavation sites of the beginning of the 20th century, the visit of several shipwrecks and a two-night stay in a charming tented camp in the middle of the protected area.

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Palmwag Concession


Huge protected area in northwestern Namibia: The Palmwag Concession is a 550,000 hectare protected area located in the northwestern part of Namibia. This part of Namibia is special in many ways and is therefore also used as a tourism concession. Visitors find themselves in the midst of an endless, surreal basalt landscape that was created by massive magma eruptions around 125 million years ago, at a time when Africa and South America still existed as the coherent land mass of Gondwana.

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Trans Kalahari Walk

Trans Kalahari Walk

1,5-day walking trail in the Kalahari: The Trans-Kalahari Walk is a one-and-a-half-day guided trail through the red dunes of the Kalahari. This light walk takes you through wonderful semi-desert landscapes enabling the wanderer to experience the African bush with all his senses. The first sleep-over is in the beautiful Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge followed by a night in the luxurious Dune Camp.

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Absolute Erongo Hiking Trail


1,5-day walking trail in the Erongo Mountains: The Absolute Erongo Hiking Trail is a one-and-a-half-day guided hike through the Erongo mountains in the heart of Namibia. You walk through surreal rock canyons and granite forests and immerse yourself in the authentic African landscape. You will spend the night first at Hohenstein Lodge and the second night at Etemba Wilderness Camp.

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Etendeka Walking Trail


3-day guided hiking trail at the foot of the Grootberg Massif: A fantastic activity in the rugged north-western Namibia is the 3 day / 2 nights guided Etendeka Walking Trail. Get to know the pristine nature and fauna of the Etendeka Concession at the foot of the Grootberg Mountains and spend your nights under the fascinationg Namibian sky.

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Orange River Canoe Tours

Orange River Canoe Tours

Various canoe tours for active holidaymakers are organized on the picturesque Orange River, the border river between Namibia and South Africa. The offers range from an unguided half-day tour to an intensive seven-day package.

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Sossusvlei Scenic Flights


Flights over the Namib desert and Skeleton Coast

NEW ACTIVITY ON OUR WEBSITE:  Experience Namibia from the skies! Desert Air offers several popular scenic flights from Sossusvlei Adventure Center, located at Sossusvlei Lodge. Highlights of the scenic flights are the dunes of Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei, the Sesriem Canyon, the diamond camps and shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast and the beautiful scenery of the Namib sand sea. 

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Catamaran Charters

Catamaran Charters

Educational and exciting seal and dolphin tours in Walvis Bay

NEW ACTIVITY ON OUR WEBSITE:  Catamaran Charters offers cruises in the Walvis Bay lagoon in four luxurious catamarans. In search of the marine Big 5 (whales, dolphins, Mola Molas, Leatherback turtles and seals) guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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Sandwich Harbour 4x4


Exciting 4x4 excursion to Sandwich Harbour

NEW ACTIVITY ON OUR WEBSITE:  The beautiful dunes of the Namib Desert meet the rough Atlantic Ocean: The 4x4 excursion of „Sandwich Harbour 4x4“ to Sandwich Harbour south of Walvis Bay is scenically unique, exciting and extraordinarily organized.

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Waterkloof Trail


Hiking trail in the Naukluft Mountains: For visitors who love being active during their holiday in Namibia the “Waterkloof Trail” is highly recommendable. The 17-kilometer-long trail winds along small creeks of the Naukluft Mountains in the Namib Naukluft Park and leads through beautiful, varying landscapes. The trail offers various swimming possibilities in natural pools as well. 

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Olive Trail


The very diversified "Olive Trail" in the Naukluft Mountains is recommended for all hiking eager travelers not scared of heights. Breathtaking views, impressive scenery and a special kind of surprise at the end of the trail guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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Archer's Land

Archer's Land

Archery trail close to Windhoek

Archer's Land at Farm Monte Christo only 25 km out of Windhoek is Namibia’s first archery range for traditional bow shooting. Situated in a beautiful landscape two trails with a variety of 3D targets invite all visitors to enjoy some archery whilst taking a walk through nature. 

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Namib Desert Scenic Flights


Fly over the Sossusvlei, Cape Cross or the Skeleton Coast: Get to see Namibia from a bird's eye view - an unforgettable experience! Exclusive and luxurious scenic safaris to many of the coastal highlights are offered. Highlights are the Namib Desert with its Sossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast with its ship wrecks, the Kuiseb Canyon, Cape Cross with its huge seal colony and many more.

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Bogenfels and Pomona tour


A safari into the Restricted Diamond Area

The Sperrgebiet (also known as the Restricted Diamond Area) is and will always be a mystic place that is hard – and without a permit not at all – accessible. Coastways Tours from Lüderitz own a concession and the relevant vehicles allowing them to offer an interesting and unique day tour into the Sperrgebiet.

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Sossusvlei Hot Air Ballooning


Hot air ballooning in the Namib desert - Experience Namibia's desert from above

With Namib Sky Ballooning Safaris you have the unique possibility to fly over the oldest desert of the world in a hot air balloon during the cool hours of the early morning.

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Fish River Hiking Trail

Fish River Hiking Trail

Hiking in the world’s second largest Canyon

During the months of April to September the Fish River Lodge offers 2-5 day guided hikes in the Fish River.

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Ovahimba Living Museum

Ovahimba Living Museum

Traditional himba culture

In November 2016 the Ovahimba Living Museum was opened. It is the 6th Living Museum of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia.

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Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park

Still a real insider tip

The Buffalo Game Park  (the official name is Buffalo Core Area) is situated on the eastern side of the Okavango in the Kavango region of Namibia.

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