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Namibia – Individually discovered

Info-Namibia is a free travel portal for Namibia, which specialises on Namibian accommodation facilities as well as activities and touristic highlights in Namibia. Especially for the individual traveller and for self-drivers, Info-Namibia is one of the most important internet tools when it comes to planning an interesting and diversified Namibian holiday.

Planning your own safari

The unique feature of Info-Namibia is the user-friendly navigation (more information here), which by just one click provides valuable information on hotels, guest farms, campsites, Bed and Breakfast and lodges throughout Namibia. Additionally Info-Namibia introduces a variety of interesting highlights, including personal (insiders) tips.

Namibia: The perfect country for Africa beginners

Namibia: The perfect country for Africa beginners, advanced and pros

Are you just starting to familiarise yourself with Namibia? Here you can find valuable information and an interactive map featuring the country’s highlights. Info-Namibia map and start-up information

You are already familiar with Namibia and are just looking for some additional information on activities and attractions, insider tips or alternatives to fully booked accommodation facilities? On Info-Namibia you will find all this and even more.

Booking without extra costs

When booking through Info-Namibia you will enjoy several advantages. Here are our most important conditions:

  • We do not charge any service fee for accommodation bookings. You pay what the accommodation would have charged you for a direct booking (exception: camping bookings). For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.
  • We offer a friendly and fast German and English speaking service.
  • When booking several accommodation facilities only one payment is made - either onto our German or Namibian account.
  • When booking your complete self-drive safari and rental car with Info-Namibia we offer an additional self-drive service. You will receive a file with detailed route description, a Namibia map, a Namibian pre-paid telephone card, a telephone list and general information - with no extra costs.

Latest Articles

Quivertree forest Garas

The Quiver tree

The quiver tree is an aloe (Aloe Dichotoma) and in the first 20 years of its development it does not grow much bigger as the normal aloe. Then the aloe starts gaining height, forms a stem and branches.

More about the Quiver tree

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Many visitors travel along the so-called Welwitschia-Drive, which leads 50 km from Swakopmund to the fenced, old Welwitschia at the end of the Welwitschia plains where about 6000 plants can be found.

More about the Welwitschia


Stargazing in Namibia

Due to the very low air pollution and the virtually non-existing light pollution Namibia offers ideal conditions to explore the southern night sky, for exampla at Hakos Guestfarm.

More about star gazing in Namibia

Petrified Forest in Namibia

Perified Forest

The Petrified Forest is a national monument, proclaimed on 1st March 1950, after being discovered by two farmers in the 1940s. The Petrified Forest is situated about 50 km west of Khorixas.

More about the Petrified Forest

The mules are waiting for the hiker's luggage

Mule Trails

A unique activity offered by the Gondwana Collection are the Mule Trails. The trails lead through pristine Canyon landscape and the Nama Karoo with its quiver trees and surreal rock formations.

More about the Mule Trails

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is the world’s largest ship cemetary. It is a 40 km wide and 500 km long coastal stretch in Namibia, a hostile but fascinating area - the dune and desert landscape of north-western Namibia. 

More about the Skeleton Coast