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Namibia - General information

Flag of NamibiaFlag of Namibia © Wikipedia

The Republic of Namibia is located in the south-western part of Africa. Namibia has a population of about 2.1 Million inhabitants and an area of 824292 km².

Namibia is one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world and a number 1 travel destination. Namibia is world famous for the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei and for the Etosha National Park, one of world’s greatest conservation areas.

The official name of Namibia is "Republic of Namibia". Namibia is an independent country since 1990, a presidential republic with a democratic constitution following democratic principles including freedom of speech, press and religion. The motto of Namibia is "Unity, Liberty, Justice".

The country has an area of 824 268 km² and a population of only  2.1 Million inhabitants. Namibia belongs to the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

The capital of Namibia is Windhoek with about 350.000 inhabitants, many of them living in Katutura, a township in the north of the city.

Namibia Coat of ArmsNamibia Coat of Arms © Wikipedia

Namibia Overview

  • Official name: Republic of Namibia
  • Surface area: 824 268 km²
  • Population: ~ 2.1 Million
  • Motto: Unity, Liberty, Justice
  • Anthem: "Namibia, Land of the Brave"
  • Capital: Windhoek
  • Independence: 21 March 1990
  • Government: Presidential republic
  • Current president: Dr. Hage Geingob
  • Legislature:  Parliament
    • Democratic constitution
    • Freedom of religion (90% Christian)
    • Freedom of press/media

The 200 N$ note shows Hendrik WitbooiThe 200 N$ note shows Hendrik Witbooi

Currency of Namibia

The currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar (N$ or NAD). The Namibia Dollar is fixed to and equals the South African Rand (ZAR). The South African Rand is also a legal tender in Namibia whereas the N$ is not a legal tender in South Africa. 1 N$ = 100 cents.

Exchange Rate Namibia

Namibian economy

Main sectors are Mining, Fishing, Tourism & Agriculture. The biggest employer in Namibia is the agricultural  and the mining sector. Mining includes diamonds, uranium, copper, lead, zinc and marble. Fastest growing sector is the tourism industry.

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