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Culture / Living Museums in Namibia

The Living Museums in Namibia are exceptional traditional projects where visitors can learn about the cultures of Namibian language groups and get in contact with the people.


Damara Living Museum

The Living Museum of the Damara is situated about 10 km north of the famous Twyfelfontein rock engravings site directly at the D2612. Opened in February 2010 it is the first tradititional Damara project in Namibia. The possibility to experience the traditional Damara culture in this form exists nowhere else in Namibia or in the world.

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Ju/'Hoansi Living Museum

The Living Museum of the Ju/Hoansi is situated in the small village Grashoek, about halfway between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe, north of the the C44. The Living Museum is the first Living Museum of Namibia. It is a highlight in tourism in Namibia as well as a good example for a sustainable development of the Bushmen community.

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Hunters Main

Little Hunter's Museum

The Living Hunters Museum of the Ju/Hoansi is situated about 23 km north of Tsumkwe, the capital of the Bushmen. It should only be accessed with 4x4 vehicles as the road which leads to the Living Museum is sandy.

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Mafwe Living Museum

The Living Museum of the Mafwe is situated in the Caprivi Strip, about 20 km north of Kongola. Established in 2008 in cooperation with the Living Culture Foundation Namibia it offers visitors an interesting insight into the life of the Mafwe.

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Mbunza Living Museum

About 14 kilometres west of the Kavango capital Rundu you can find a place unlike any other: The Living Museum of the Mbunza, a traditional school for culture and at the same time a communal business for the local people of the Kavango.

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Ovahimba Living Museum

The Ovahimba Living Museum is a place where you can interactively experience the traditional culture of the Ovahimba. The Museum acts as a traditional school for guests and for the children of the own community alike and at the same time it is an income generating institution.

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