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Boat tours in Namibia

Whether on on the rivers of Namibia (Okavango, Zambezi, Kwando, Oranje, ...) or at the ocean in harbour towns like Swakopmund, Walvis Bay oder Lüderitz - a lot of boat tours are offered in Namibia. We have selected some of the most interesting boat tours for you.

Kayak tour with Eco Marine Kayaking

Kayaking "Eco Marine Tour"

Kayaking in the Walvis Bay Lagoon

Jeanne Meintjes, owner and the guide of the Eco Marine Tours offers very personal kayak tours in teh Walvis Bay Lagoon. Nowhere else will you get as close to flamingos and pelicans, seals, Heaviside’s and Benguela dolphins as with a kayak.

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Boat tours with Levo

Levo Tours

Seal and Dolphin tour in Walvis Bay

Levo Tours offers a 4 hours seal and dolphin tour in the Walvis Bay lagoon. Levo’s speciality is its personal touch and its humour!

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Boat tours with Mashi River Safaris

Mashi River Safaris

Boat safaris at the Kwando river

Elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, antelopes and countless bird species – and the river in the midst of it all. The people at the water’s edge, the sounds and smells of the Caprivi. This very special world can be experienced in a unique way with Mashi River Safaris.

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