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Namibia's Southern Hiking Tour (Short)

Namibias South - Hiking Safari Short

13 days hiking tour for self-drivers in the central south of Namibia

Experience the fascinating, unpopulated nature of the Namib and the Kalahari on a cozy Namibia safari with many hikes and excursions. This active trip with a focus on Namib, Naukluft and Kalahari gives you plenty of time to absorb the impressive and extremely varied nature of Namibia and forms a contrast to many other Namibia safaris, aiming at ticking off as many tourist highlights as possible.

You’ll spent much less time driving than on the usual Namibia tour. The guided and un-guided hiking trails are diverse and can be classified as easy to moderate. You should have a certain level of fitness though, especially when travelling during the hot summer months.  

Whether as a lodge tour or as a combination of camping / lodge safari, you will probably not forget this vacation soon.

Duration: 13 Days

But do take care: Once Namibia - Always Namibia!

Safari Overview - "Namibia’s most beautiful Highlights"

  • Day 1: Windhoek – Arrival, City Tour through Namibia’s capital
  • Day 2-3: Namib Desert – Complete arrival, Hiking in the fascinating Namib Desert
  • Day 4-5: Naukluft – Mountain hiking with refreshing pools
  • Day 6-7: Sossusvlei – The grand ocean of dunes of the Namib, Sesriem Canyon
  • Day 8-9: Tok Tokkie – Guided 3-day hiking trail with two nights under the Namib’s starry sky
  • Day 10: Kalahari - Drive into the Kahalari
  • Day 11-12: Kalahari – Guided 1,5-day hike in the Kalahari
  • Day 13: Return – Good-bye Namibia!


From N$ 30.500 (Camping/Lodge)
From N$ 37.100 (Lodge)

Rate example per person during the low season. Here you can find the detailed rates.

Rates in detail

Tour overview- "Namibia Southern Hiking Tour (Short)"

Day 1: Arrival in Namibia ~ 45 km

After your arrival at the Hosea Kutako International Airport approx. 45 km east of Windhoek, you will be welcomed by the car rental company and taken to Windhoek where you will take over your vehicle with all the necessary instructions and information. Afterwards you will drive to your accommodation where you are able to freshen up and rest. In the afternoon you will be picked up by your guide from Bwana Tucke-Tucke for an interesting Windhoek city tour, during which you will get to know historical buildings and the township of Katutura. In the evening you can go out for a relaxing dinner. We can recommend Joe's Beerhouse, Cape Town Fish Market or The Stellenbosch. 

Services included:

Day 2: On the way into the Namib ~ 230 km (4h)

After breakfast you can buy some supplies at the supermarket. Through the rugged Khomas Highland (Road C26) you drive westwards to the Namib Desert. A little picnic for lunch can be held at one of the viewpoints on the way to the Gamsberg Pass. Via the picturesque pass you’ll descend to the lower plains of the Namib Desert. After a few kilometres you turn left onto the C14 in a southern direction. After a short drive you’ll reach Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge. A one-hour sundowner walk will top off your day.

Services included:

Day 3: Namib Hiking ~ 0 km

Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge offers many different walking trails, varying from one-hour, light trails to whole day walking excursions to the rock paintings of the San (Bushmen). At the reception you will receive all information regarding length, difficulty and routing of the trails. We recommend to do the early sunrise trail followed by a lovely breakfast. Afterwards you are free to do one of the longer hikes. The afternoon can be spent at the refreshing pool with grand views. 

Services included:

Day 4: Naukluft Mountains ~ 130 km (2h)

The journey continues along the scenic C14 through the Namib Desert. In the little one-horse-town Solitaire you can get fuel and basic stuff from the little shop. Solitaire’s apple crumble is quite popular and people liking apple crumble claim “rightly so”. Strengthened and satisfied you’ll continue on good gravel road until you reach Naukluft Rest Camp. The contrast between the never-ending expanse of the desert and the ruggedness of the Naukluft Mountains couldn’t be bigger. 

After a lunch break there is enough time to hike the "Olive Trail", which takes about 4 hours. The level of difficulty is rated medium to difficult. One should definitely be free from giddiness and physically fit. Breath-taking views, impressive landscapes and a very special surprise guarantee an unforgettable experience.  Please note: If you don’t feel like climbing along a chain over a relatively steep cliff, you can also take a walk to a natural swimming pool up in the mountains (approx. 1,5 hours there and back).  Here you have several superb swimming possibilities in crystal clear mountain spring water – unique in Namibia!

Services included:

Day 5: Naukluft Hiking ~ 0 km

Today a whole day hike, the "Waterkloof Trail" is on the program. Along perennial streams of the Naukluft Mountains the trail takes you 17 km through beautiful, diverse nature with several opportunities to take a quick refreshing dip in between. The trail takes about 6-8 hours and is rated medium to difficult. You should have endurance, be physically fit and have hiking experience.

On the trail you can not only enjoy wonderful landscapes, but with some luck – especially when you walk quietly – you can spot different wildlife. The Naukluft Mountains are home to mountain zebras, klipspringers, kudus, baboons and rock hyraxes. Numerous species of birds can be found including raptors and owls.

Services included:

Day 6: From the Naukluft to the Namib desert ~ 100 km (1,5h)

In the morning you bid farewell to the Naukluft and take a relaxing one-and-a-half-hour drive to the Sossusvlei. It is advisable to pay the entrance fee for next day’s excursion into the Namib Naukluft Park upon arrival and to enjoy the sundowner from the first dune to the right of the road – the Elim Dune. Here you have beautiful vistas of the sea of dunes to the west and the mighty Naukluft Mountains to the east.  

Services included:

Day 7: Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei and Sesriem Canyon ~ 130 km (2h)

Today an early rise (approx. 1 hour before sunrise) is advisable. Guests of the Sesriem Camsite, Dead Valley lodge and Sossus Dune Lodge are able to drive to the Sossus and Dead Vlei earlier than guests staying outside the park. The spectacle of colours of this natural wonder is best seen during sunrise with the additional advantage of cooler temperature than later in the day. You drive 80 km through dune landscapes on good tar road. The last 4 kilometres take you through thick sands where you will have to engage your 4x4.

The Dead Vlei with its numerous dead camelthorn trees as well as the famous Sossusvlei offer an unbelievable impressive natural setting. Take your time to just let your soul stray whilst climbing the Big Daddy, the tallest dune in the surrounding. Depending on your state of fitness and sand conditions the climb will take about 1 – 2 hours. The way down is usually much quicker and the more adventures can run down the steep slip face into Dead Vlei – this takes less than a minute.

Before the heats starts burning your soles away you should start to make your way back. At the park entrance we recommend a visit to the Sesriem Canyon before returning to your accommodation to spend the afternoon in the cool swimming pool.

Services included:

Day 8: Tok Tokkie Trail ~ 130 km (2h)

After breakfast you continue south out of the state owned Namib Naukluft Park and into the private NamibRand Nature Reserve. More breathtaking landscapes and numerous wildlife species await you.

At the Tok-Tokkie farm house a light lunch is served and you will be introduced to your desert guide, who will accompany you the next two days. A short introduction to the trail is given after lunch before starting your hike in the early afternoon.

The Tok Tokkie Trail is easy to walk, as you only have to carry a day pack – all other luggage is transported by car to the overnight camp – and the speed of walking is adjusted according to the group. The maximum number of participants is eight, so that the groups are always small and that the guide is able to individually respond to the guest’s preferences. 

In the evening you’ll enjoy the obligatory sundowner and a little later a three-course menu. You’ll sleep on cosy field beds amidst the dunes underneath a million stars – a very special experience!

Services included:

Day 9: Tok Tokkie Trail ~ 0 km

Even before sunrise you are woken up with coffee or tea in bed. Now you have time to enjoy the sunrise in this pristine landscape. After breakfast we start with the reading the morning “newspaper”, which means that your guide will explain the fresh tracks in the sand left by the desert inhabitants to you as you go along

These inhabitants of the Namib, the oldest desert in the world, have adapted to the arid climate in an astonishing way. Your experienced guide will tell you a lot about the mammals, birds, reptiles and insects found here and will probably be able to lure one or the other desert inhabitant in front of your camera.  

The hot midday hours are spent at the shady lunch spot. Here you have time to relax, to have a bite for lunch and to reminisce about the last days. Once the temperatures cool down a bit towards the afternoon you embark on the last leg of the second day. The route takes you pass fairy circles and over small hillocks with unbelievable views onto the gras-covered, orange-red dunes of the Namib.  

At the dune camp you can free yourself from the desert sands under a rustic bucket shower. Again you will enjoy a delicious three-course, candlelight dinner. Your guide will take you on an short astronomy journey of the southern night sky once the sun has set and the sky is clear (i.e. nearly always).

Once more you’ll sleep in warm field beds right amidst the dunes!

Services included:

Day 10: Into the Kalahari ~ 260 km (4h)

Once more you awake with the rising sun surrounded by a sea of dunes. The hike today is easy going and you will arrive around 10:00 at the Tok-Tokkie farm house. Time to say good-bye to your guide and the friendly Tok-Tokkie staff and to drive into the Kalahari.

The last highlight of your journey, the Trans Kalahari Hike is awaiting you. Check in is from 2 pm and your guide is already awaiting you with the necessary information. The evening is spent at the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge.

Services included:

Day 11: Kalahari Hike ~ 0 km

An early rise allows you to enjoy the sunrise on a Kalahari dune with a hot cup of coffee. Afterwards the hike commences. Experience the orange-red dunes of the Kalahari and the bush and tree savanna so typical for Namibia. After a picnic lunch you will reach the exclusive, luxurious Kalahari Dune Camp with shady Lapa and view deck in the afternoon. The camp’s waterhole is often visited by giraffes and antelopes. A small pool is at your disposal to clean yourself from dust and sweat of the hike. In the evening a barbeque awaits you at the campfire. Most of the time a clear sky allows a fabulous starry sky. You overnight in tents, each with own bathroom and hot shower.

Services included:

Day 12: A day in the Kalahari ~ 0 km

After an early breakfast in the dune camp with a view of the waterhole, you hike back to the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge, where the Transkalahari Walk ends around midday. The rest of the day is spent relaxing in the lodge by the pool or on a short trip to the dunes if you haven't got enough exercise. In the late afternoon you can take part in a sundowner 4x4 game drive to get to know the Kalahari from a different perspective.

Services included:

Day 13: Back to Windhoek – Farewell from Namibia ~ 200 km (2h)

The Trans Kalahari Walk ends around noon at the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. It is the last day of your safari. Bid farewell to the Kalahari and to Namibia! Depending on your return flight you can plan a bit of time for souvenir shopping in Windhoek.  

The drive to Windhoek takes about two hours. You return your vehicle in Windhoek at the car rental and are transferred to Hosea Kutako Airport, as agreed upon at the beginning of your safari already.

Services included:

Good-bye Namibia !

Namibia Southern Hiking Tour

13 days hiking tour for self-drivers in the central south of Namibia

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Namibia is a safe country to travel in and with its good infrastructure it is ideal for self-drive safaris. Especially those, who like to get an individual impression of the country a tour in a rented vehicle is highly recommendable. You’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot about the country and people and also to experience a lot off the beaten track.

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