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Windhoek Surrounds

Windhoek Surrounds MapWindhoek Surrounds in Namibia

The region of the Windhoek surrounds is located in the central highlands between the Kalahari and the Great Escarpment. The traveller can expect different landscape structures and countless accommodation facilities. This region is ideal for staying over at the beginning of your journey.

Climate of the Windhoek surrounds

The annual rainfall varies strongly from west (100 mm) to east (up to 400 mm). Thanks to its location high on the central plateau the temperatures are moderate with maximum summer temperatures averaging between 28 - 30°C and minimum winter temperatures between ca 6-8 °C.

Flora and Fauna of the Windhoek surrounds

On top of the highlands of the Windhoek surroundings an enormous diversity in vegetation can be found, only comparable to Otavi Region, the Okavango and the Caprivi within Namibia. The diversity in bird species is also worth mentioning, more than 230 species occur around Windhoek. Mammals, especially kudu, hartebeest and oryx feel at home in the area as well as reptiles and scorpions.

Windhoek Surrounds

Highlights around Windhoek

Here we provide an overview of activities, highlights and sights of the Windhoek Surrounds region. Windhoek itself is definitely worth a visit. More about Windhoek you can learn on our site Activities in Windhoek. In the surroundings of Windhoek there is a hot springs resort, a little game park with local game species, a dam which is the main water supply for Windhoek and a recreational resort at the same time and much more.

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Accommodation in the Windhoek surroundings


Rooisand IntroLapa and garden © Rooisand Desert Ranch

Rooisand Desert Ranch

Guestfarm and Self-Catering at the Gamsberg mountain

Rooisand Desert Ranch is a unique Guestfarm at the foot of the magnificent Gamsberg Mountain, about 165 km south-west of Windhoek. Rooisand offers accommodation at the Guestfarm, a self-catering house at Namibia's biggest (and most advanced) telescope-astrograph-combination as well as camping facilities.

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Rooiklip GuestfarmAerial view of the Rooiklip Guestfarm © Rooiklip Guestfarm

Rooiklip Guestfarm

Guestfarm at the foot of the Gamsberg

Rooiklip Guestfarm is a very personal guestfarm at the foot of the Gamsberg. The small and owner run guest farm is situated in great landscape and provides accommodation in 2 guest huts with 6 rooms. Rooiklip offers a large swimming pool and a nice lapa / restaurant. Activities include farm drives and hiking.

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Airport GuestfarmGarden and lapa © Airport Guestfarm

Airport Guestfarm

Guestfarm close to the International Airport

Airport Guestfarm is conveniently located in the heart of Namibia, next to the Hosea Kutako International Airport. It is a family-run guestfarm with a very personal and friendly service and an ideal stop-over for guests to spend their first and last day of their Namibian holiday.

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Airport LodgeLodge within the mountains © Airport Lodge

Airport Lodge

Lodge and camping between Windhoek and airport

Lodge is closed!!

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Auas Safari LodgeRestaurant and swimming pool © Auas Safari Lodge

Auas Safari Lodge

Lodge in the Auas mountains south of Windhoek

Auas Safari Lodge is located about 40 km south-east of Windhoek. The Lodge offers 16 rooms, with a private terrace for guests to get in touch with nature and a swimming pool. Activities include daily game drives, bird watching expeditions and guided hiking trails.

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Burg GusindeThe castle © Burg Gusinde

Burg Gusinde

Exclusive accommodation north of Windhoek

Burg Gusinde is an exclusive lodge for a maximum of eight guests at the same time. The name “Gusinde” came from an officer of the “German Schutztruppe”, Mr. Gusinde, who bought the farm in the early 20th century. The farm house still has the nostalgic style and the historical background of that time.

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Corona GuestfarmGuest rooms © Corona Guestfarm

Corona Guestfarm

Guestfarm at the Gamsberg

Corona Guestfarm is situated at the foot of the scenically beautiful Gamsberg. The guestfarm has a restaurant, a swimming pool and offers WiFi. Appart from a very personal service numerous activities are on offer.

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Düsternbrook GuestfarmNamibian Guestfarm © Düsternbrook Guestfarm

Düsternbrook Guestfarm

One of the oldest guest farms in Namibia

Düsternbrook Guestfarm is situated about 35 km north of Windhoek. It is one of the oldest guest farms in Namibia and is known for its diverse wildlife, especially cheetah and leopard and even Hippos in the house dam.

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Eningu Lodge (the Clayhouse Lodge)Pool area © Eningu Lodge

Eningu Lodge

The "Clayhouse Lodge" south east of Windhoek

Eningu Lodge is located south east of Windhoek and offers 9 rooms, a swimming pool and a heated whirl pool (Jacuzzi) for cold winter days. The lodge is built with handmade clay bricks and creatively decorated. Several well-marked hiking trails are available.

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Etango Game RanchCamp fire atmosphere © Etango Game Ranch

Etango Game Ranch

Guestfarm close to the International Airport

Etango Ranch Guest Farm is literally situated across the road from Hosea Kutako International Airport of Namibia. Guests can enjoy the personal service of a family-run guest farm in the heart of Namibia. Etango is ideal for begin or end of an individual Namibian Safari. 

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GocheGanasWellness treatment © GocheGanas


Lodge and Wellness Centre south of Windhoek

GocheGanas Private Nature Reserve and Wellness Village is situated a mere 29 kilometres south east of Windhoek. Here 16 private chalets are situated on a hilltop with views extending over the spectacular landscape. Guests can experience a unique combination of Wildlife, Nature and Wellness.

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Gross BarmenGross Barmen © Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Gross Barmen Resort

Resort and hot spring near Okahandja

Gross Barmen Resort is a popular destination build around a hot spring. The Resort is located 100 km from Windhoek and 24 km east of Okahandja. The hot mineral springs have a temperature of 65 °C and are cooled down to 40 °C for the use in the thermal pool.

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Hakos GuestfarmHakos farm house and mountains © Hakos Guestfarm

Hakos Guestfarm

Guestfarm and camping at the Gamsbergpass

Hakos Guestfarm offers 14 rooms and 3 campsites and a personal atmosphere. The largest observatory and telescope of Namibia has been installed at Hakos by the "International Amateur Observatory" and visitors can take part in stargazing tours. Also 4x4 trails and several walking trails are offered.

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Heja Game LodgeThe dam "Hoffnung" (Hope) © Heja Game Lodge

Heja Game Lodge

Game lodge close to Windhoek

Due to its size and its proximity to Namibia's capital Windhoek, Heja Game Lodge is ideal for functions and conferences. Furthermore the lodge has an abundant wildlife making it also very attractive for international visitors. The lodge is build around a man-made dam and has a swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar.

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Guestfarm Hohewarte Entrance © Hohewarte Guestfarm

Hohewarte Guestfarm

Guestfarm east of Windhoek

Hohewarte Guestfarm is a mere 20 minute drive from the International Airport and is the ideal stop over at the beginning or the end of a Namibia safari. With only 6 guest rooms Hohewarte offers a very personal service in the heart of the African bush.

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Immanuel Wilderness LodgeLodge gardens, swimming pool and restaurant © Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

Lodge north of Windhoek

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge is situated about 10 km north of Windhoek. Despite its vicinity to Namibias capital the lodge is located in the African bush and offers its guests tranquillity, relaxation but most of all an excellent cuisine.

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Kiripotib GuestfarmSwimmingpool and Lapa © Kiripotib Guestfarm

Kiripotib Guestfarm

Guestfarm on the edge of the Kalahari

Guestfarm Kiripotib is situated only 160km (max. 2 hours drive) south east of Windhoek (and the International Airport). Visitors will find magnificent scenery in the heart of the Kalahari, African Ambience and farm fresh Namibian cuisine.

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Kivo LodgeMain building at night © Karivo Wildlife Lodge

Karivo Wildlife Lodge

Lodge north of the International Airport

Karivo Wildlife Lodge was built like a Fortress on a hillock and offers 12 spacious rooms with lounge, balcony and fridge. A conference room, lounge, dining area and lapa - all with panorama views are available, as well as an indoor and an outdoor natural pool.

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Lake Oanob ResortResort at the Oanob dam © Lake Oanob Resort

Lake Oanob Resort

Resort at the Oanob dam south of Windhoek

Lake Oanob Resort was build on the banks of the Oanob Dam close to Rehoboth. In the predominantly semi-arid climate of the country Lake Oanob Resort forms a refreshing oasis offering several water-based activities. Especially during week ends and holidays the resort is very popular thus bookings should be made in advance.

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Leopard LodgeEntrance © Leopard Lodge

Leopard Lodge

Game & Hunting Lodge

Leopard Lodge is situated in the heart of Namibia and has been built as early as 1928. The lodge offers a very personal service and due to its proximity to Windhoek it is ideal for functions and events. Apart from that the lodge also has a diversity of game including crocodile and hyena.

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Midgard Country EstateGarden and Pool © O&L Leisure

Midgard Country Estate


Situated only 70 km from Namibia's capital Windhoek and offering a large number of rooms, Midgard Midgard Country Estate is ideal for conferences and events. Numerous activities are offered on Midgard Lodge including scenic walks and nature drives.

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Namibgrens GuestfarmThe Klippspringers Villas © Namibgrens Guestfarm

Namibgrens Guestfarm

Guestfarm at the Spreetshoogte Pass

Namibgrens Guestfarm is spectacularly situated on top of the breath-taking Spreetshoogte Pass. The guestfarm offers a variety of different accommodation facilities, from the rustic farmrooms to the romantic Bushmen's Rest and the luxurious villas.

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Okahandja Country HotelLodge garden and restaurant © Okahandja Country Hotel

Okahandja Country Hotel

Hotel and camping in Okahandja

Okahandja Country Hotel is situated in Okahandja, on the main road from Windhoek to Northern Namibia. The Hotel offers 24 rooms, 16 campsites, a restaurant with bar, a beer garden and a swimming pool.

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Okambara introMain building © Okambara Elephant Lodge

Okambara Elephant Lodge

Family-run guest farm in the heart of Namibia

Due to its proximity to the international airport and to Windhoek Okamabara Elephant Lodge is ideally visited at the beginning or at the end of a Namibia safari. It offers 5 appartments in the main building, 2 rondavels and two rooms in the Mountain House.

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Omatozu Safari CampCamp Lounge and Fireplace © Omatozu Safari Camp

Omatozu Safari Camp

Tented Camp and Camping north of Okahandja

Omatozu Safari Camp is a small camp north of Okahandja. The Camp offers accommodation in luxury tents and has a nice camping site. Omatozu Safari Camp offers farm drives with game viewing and guided walks.

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OndekarembaLodge, garden and pool © Ondekaremba

Ondekaremba Lodge

Lodge and campsite near the airport

Only a 10-minutes-drive from the Hosea Kutako International Airport, Ondekaremba Lodge consists of 10 affordable, well-tended rooms. The lodge offers airport and Windhoek transfers, day bookings with or without rooms and free Wi-Fi in the lounge.

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Onjala LodgeMain building and Bungalows © Onjala Lodge

Onjala Lodge

Lodge close to Windhoek

Onjala Lodge is situated only 75 km north east of Windhoek and 45 km from Hosea Kutako International Airport and is thus ideal for the beginning or the end of a visit to Namibia. Each room is equipped with a comfortable lounge and a fireplace and two balconies, granting great views onto the surrounding farmland and onto the central courtyard with small garden and sparkling pool with waterfall.

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Otjimbondona LodgeLounge with a view © Otjimbondona


Lodge in the Namibian Kalahari

Otjimbondona is a boutique lodge situated on a 3000 hectare Private Nature Reserve in the Namibian Kalahari. The lodge is located just 120km south east of Windhoek – a perfect spot to start or end a safari in Namibia.

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The Elegant FarmsteadPool Bar © The Elegant Collection

The Elegant Farmstead (GESCHLOSSEN)

Lodge close to Okahandja

The Elegant Farmstead is a cosy retreat close to the little town of Okahandja. Surrounded by 2500 hectar of farm land visitors have the opportunity to spot various species of game whilst going for a walk or for a game drive. With only 11 rooms guest numbers are limited and the service offered is very personal.

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Voigtland GuesthouseLandscape view © Voigtland Guesthouse

Voigtland Guesthouse

Guesthouse between Windhoek and Airport

Originally built around 1900, the Voigtland guest house is set on the a hill in a vast landscape. The historical guest house which is only a 30 minutes drive from Windhoek offers 4 rooms and specializes in tailor-made functions and weddings up to 50 people. Guests can also learn about the Voigtland Simmentaler stud.

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Windhoek Game CampRestaurant and pool © Windhoek Game Camp

Windhoek Game Camp

Tented camp in the north of Windhoek

Windhoek Game Camp is situated in Brakwater, about 20 minutes from the city centre of Windhoek. Accommodation consists of 8 en-suite luxury tented chalets. Windhoek Game Camp has a swimming pool and communal braai. The Camp offers excellent game viewing opportunities.

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