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NamibRand Nature Reserve

The largest private nature reserve in Africa

The NamibRand Nature Reserve developed from a vision. A German-Namibian business man from Windhoek, Mr J.A. Brückner started to purchase several sheep farms in the foothills of the Namib Desert in 1984. He had noticed that the land was completely out of its ecologic balance due to excessive pasture farming.

He had the vision to return the land to its original state and to sustain this state – the vision of a private nature reserve.


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Private conservation area
5 Lodges / 1 Self-Catering
Namib desert
Game drives
Guided Hiking trails
Private 1998
Average: 50 mm / year. Main rainy season January - March
Best travel time: All year
Leopard, cheetah, zebra, oryx, giraffe, spring buck, bat eared fox and many more

By taking down the fences and by reintroducing game, by purchasing surrounding farms and by purchasing the 13th and last farm in 1998 the largest private nature reserve in Africa developed with its present size of 172,000 ha.

The Reserve is situated east of the Namib Naukluft Park, with which it shares its western border, and with its mountains, savannahs and dunes it is home to a diversity of animals. Noteworthy is also the existence of Fairy Circles, which throughout Africa only appear in Namibia. They are round circles without any growth amidst the desert vegetation with a diameter of a few decimetres up to 12 metres. Until today there has been no scientific explanation regarding the formation of these circles.

Within the NamibRand Nature Reserve “soft” tourism is practiced in order to reduce the impact on the flora and fauna. The number of (mainly luxurious) lodges and thus the number of guests is limited.

Nevertheless the touristic interest is high as word of the beauty of the unique location, the blaze of colour of the desert landscape and the tranquillity has spread swiftly.

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