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Mbunza Living Museum

About 14 kilometres west of the Kavango capital Rundu you can find a place unlike any other: The Living Museum of the Mbunza, a traditional school for culture and at the same time a communal business for the local people of the Kavango.

With this sustainable project they will be able to preserve their traditional culture and to generate an additional income.


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Kavango Culture

The main focus of the Mbunza Living Museum is to provide visitors to the museum with a detailed and authentic insight into the traditional, precolonial culture. The Living Museum, situated at the Samsitu Lake , is a traditional village of the Kavango, who have lived in this area for centuries. The village has been built entirely from natural material. The actors of the Museum carry clothes made from self tanned leather and the traditional presentation covers everything from everyday life (traditional cuisine, fire making, basket and mat weaving, etc.) to bushwalks and fishing and finally to highly specialised techniques like blacksmithing, pottery and the making of drums.

The Mbunza Living Museum is situated about 14 km west of Rundu. Take the B10 to Nkurenkuru. After 10 km you will see our signboard. Follow the gravel road for another 4 km to reach the Living Museum.


1. Short

Short program

You are introduced into our tradition and culture and will learn about our daily life (craftsmanship and traditional kitchen). Later we take you on a short bushwalk and fishing trip and afterwards you can enjoy the singing, dancing and traditional games.

2. Half day

Spend a day with us

You get a detailed overview over the traditional (pre-colonial) culture of the Mbunza. Experience the daily life in our traditional village, including our craftsmanship (production of clothing, mats, jewellery and baskets) and traditional kitchen. Listen to some old stories of the Mbunza and get to know some of our special arts like pottery, wood carving and blacksmithing. Here you have the chance to produce your own knife, bow and arrow, basket, necklace or clay pot – depending on what you would like to do. Follow us on a short bushwalk, where we share our ancient knowledge of plants and fishing with you. Enjoy the end of your visit at our Living Museum with singing, dancing and an introduction into our traditional games.

3. Craftmanship

Craftsmanship workshop

We introduce you to our special craftsmanship like pottery, weaving and the work of the blacksmith. You will get the chance to produce your own clay pot, knife, bow and arrow, spear, basket or necklace – depending on what you prefer to do. Whilst working you will listen to stories of the Mbunza tradition and will learn a bit about our history and traditional beliefs.

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