A centre for the Herero

Okakarara is situated only a few kilometres east of the Waterberg Mountain in the Otjozondjupa region. The town is home to about 6000 inhabitants and is until today a centre for the Herero.


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In 1904 the battle of Waterberg took place here, after a general uprising of the Herero.

The German troops closed in on about 40,000 Herero and eliminated a large number of people. The remaining survivors were chased into the Omaheke where most of them died of thirst. This course of action by the German troops under lieutenant general von Trotha is known as the first genocide of the century.

The 100-year commemoration of the battle took place at Okakarara on the 14th August 2004, which was attended by the German federal minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, who endorsed the moral liability of the German troops. However, until today there has not been a formal acknowledgment of guilt from which materialistic compensations could derive.

The following travel destinations can be found in the vicinity:

  • Waterberg National Park,
  • Otavi
  • Grootfontein
  • Otjiwarongo
  • Tsumeb


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